What Does Your Tattoo Placement Say About You?

Woman in sunglasses with tattoo sleeve light green background

What Does Your Tattoo Placement Say About You?

When it comes to tattoo placement, your body really is a blank canvas. But have you ever thought about where you place your tattoo says about you? No? Well, lucky for you, we have. What follows is a highly generalized (and possibly fictionalized) description of what your tattoo placement says about your personality. Please take these as seriously as you would your daily horoscope.

So let’s start at the top and work our way down.

Any Visible Tattoos

Of course, a lot depends on the design, but tattoos – especially bold, colorful ones – that can be easily seen and appreciated indicate that you may be adventurous, and confident in yourself and your abilities.

Neck, Face, Skull

Although these locations aren’t necessarily our favorite places to see tattoos, they are pretty popular among a certain segment of the population. The sort of person who tends to go for these flaunt-it-in-your-face tattoos is usually someone who likes to live on the edge – a rebel or maybe even an anarchist. They don’t care what other people think (obviously). Since these tattoos can be a little off-putting, and are very difficult to hide, they definitely limit your job selection. People with these tattoos usually work for themselves (or for someone named Bubba the Bouncer), or in a creative field that values ability more than appearance.

Stomach, Chest, Ribs, Back

Unless you have your shirt off, tattoos in these locations are easy to hide, so they can be your little secret if you want them to be. People with these types may be a little shy, or they may just want to make a bigger impression when they strip off. These people may also be mostly white collar since they can be hidden from the boss pretty easily, letting them stick it to the man in their own private way.

Shoulders, Upper Arms

You’d be hard-pressed to find a sexier place to get a tattoo. First of all, properly conceived and designed tattoos in this area just enhance the curves and sensuousness of the human body. So people who sport these tattoos seem to be more aware of their bodies and the effects they can have on other people. Self-awareness can be very, very sexy.

Arms, Wrists

If you have a tattoo in this area, you definitely want to be noticed. And not just once in awhile. You want people to know you’re a badass, and you don’t mind taking chances.


Once reserved for people of the jailhouse persuasion, finger tattoos have become more mainstream and popular. In fact, we’ve seen some pretty creative ones. People with these tattoos tend to be whimsical, artistic. Or homicidal. Take your pick.

Lower Back

This is a fad long over, so in our humble opinion, people with these types of tattoos are either out of step with the times, or still saving up for tattoo removal. Our suggestion is to dig out your high-waisted jeans and wear them.

Thighs, Legs, Calves, Feet

Because tattoos in these areas are hot right now, you see a lot of them. And since they are in a fairly prominent location, we would tend to see these people as being just a tiny bit attention seeking. Nothing wrong with that. We’re just sayin’.

In closing, remember that people are as complex as…well…a full-body tattoo. Although where you place your tattoo may give hints about your personality, it will never give anyone the full picture. You are an evolving work of art inside and out.