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Ink On Ink Off is a new concept, clinician-led tattoo center located in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in tattoo removal, tattoo alterations, and new artistry.
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Ink On Ink Off is a new concept, clinician-led tattoo center located in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in laser tattoo removal, tattoo alterations, and tattooing.

Make no mistake. We’re not your “typical” tattoo parlor by any stretch of the imagination. What we are is something you’ve never seen before – at least, not around here.  We’re Cleveland’s first and only clinician-led tattoo studio to offer laser tattoo removals, tattoo redesigns, alterations, and new artistry all under one roof.

It’s a clinical arts community deliberately designed to give clients options they’ve never had. Until now.  Edgy, techy, friendly…we’re like Marcus Welby meets Criss Angel.

Quite simply, Ink On Ink Off in Cleveland will change the way you think about your canvas; and isn’t it about time?


Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that cancellations or changes to your appointment be made by 5pm the day prior to your scheduled appointment. With less than a 24 hour notice, you will incur a $50 charge. Failure to call, email or no-show for appointment will result in a $50 charge.


COVID-19 Updates

Health, sanitation and safety have always been top priorities for us, so not a lot has changed. COVID-19 precautions have just further expanded our priorities. Please follow our new protocols so we all can continue to stay safe and healthy.

We will keeping credit cards on file for payment so please be prepared to give us a credit card when you book your appointment. We will still accept cash if you so choose to pay this way.

We ask that you bring no more than one additional person into the studio with you. No children allowed in the studio at this time.

We will be taking temporal scans upon arrival. Masks are required upon entering the building and will stay on throughout your time with us.

Please refrain from visiting us if:

  • You or someone in your household has experienced symptoms in the last 14 days
  • You or someone in your household has traveled outside the country in the last 14 days OR have visited a high impact area in the last 14 days.

If you are feeling under the weather please stay home.


We look forward to seeing you all! Lets finish what we started.


Call now for your Free Consultation.



Dr. Jill Miller received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan, graduating with distinction and her Doctor of Medicine from Case Western Reserve University. She has been a practicing physician since 1996. Through her varied professional experiences Dr. Miller has developed a keen interest in promoting preventive medicine and wellness while honing her procedural skills. She has received special training in laser tattoo removal and skin revitalization and currently serves as Medical Director of Ink on Ink off. She has been published in many professional journals and honored with various awards including Top Doctors in Cleveland Magazine. She is a lifelong Clevelander and enjoys spending time with her family, wood burning fires and chocolate.

Jill MIller, MD

Physician + Medical Director

Dr Georgianna Kates
Dr Georgianna Kates was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She received her education from The University of California San Diego and Howard University. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency training at The University Hospitals of Cleveland in 1997. She was in private practice at The University Suburban Health Center for over 15 years, and joined inkoninkoff in 2016. She is passionate about sharing all of the simple beauty advancements available to help maintain and  enhance your best appearance. Keeping beauty simple and real is what we aim to do.
Dr. Gigi Kates works with men and women to find the medical spa services that make them look and feel incredible! Ink On Ink Off is the practice of choice in the Cleveland, OH area. Please contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.


Sidney started off her career at 17 years old in the Spa industry. She is a certified Massage Therapist, Nail Technician, Esthetician, and Yoga Instructor. As a therapist she worked at high end resort spas around the country.

Sidney started her path in management at age 22 where she was a part of the spa’s initial launch on a ski resort. Her favorite rule to live by is “everything happens for a reason.”

Sidney Quinn

General Manager