We Have a Special Tattoo Announcement!

Ink On Ink Off storefront from the outside

We Have a Special Tattoo Announcement!

As you all may know we have been INK OFF for a while now, as of this week we are excited to announce that we are officially INK ON too!!! This is a set up like you have never seen before!! With doctors and tattoo artists all under one roof we are able to offer services that take tattooing to another level.

Our amazing tattoo artists are ready to INK you up! We specialize in artistic & cosmetic tattoos!

We have searched all over the greater Cleveland area to bring you the BEST most CREATIVE artists out there. At Ink On Ink Off our artists are pairing up with Dr. Jill Miller to bring you packages the tattoo industry has never seen before!

*PAIN FREE TATTOOS! You don’t have to endure pain to earn your tattoo. If anyone has had a foot or ribcage tattoo you know what we mean! We can numb the area with lidocaine before the tattoo needle even touches your skin!!

*LIGHTEN TATTOOS! We call these tattoo alterations. After seeing so many people getting INK OFF we think its super important to not settle on a tattoo. Our tattoo artists want to have the most creative range possible, so they work with Dr. Miller to lighten your tattoo in all the right areas. They are with you step by step until you are ready to have them put their creative needles to work!

Come over and visit!! Let us pour you a cup of coffee while you consult with one of our 6 tattoo artists that fit your style!


Call us -216.633.7569 or email info@ioio.ink