The Truth About Laser Tattoo Removal

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The Truth About Laser Tattoo Removal

How much does tattoo removal cost? What does it feel like? How long does the treatment take? Will it bleed or swell? How long before it’s completely gone?

These are the typical questions we get asked every day. Well…. honestly there is no right answer. Every body is different, just like their individual tattoo. This is why it is required to have a full consultation before any treatments take place. There are a few factors to consider- health, age of tattoo, placement, type of ink, and skin type. All of these questions will determine a treatment plan.

Here at Ink On Ink Off we base our prices off  the size of each tattoo. A person is going to have a different treatment plan for a ring finger sized tattoo then the person who is looking for a half sleeve removed. After determining the size and estimated number of treatments we then can provide you with a few different payment package options.

Most people don’t realize that a typical treatment for a medium sized tattoo takes about 8-10 mintutes. So when clients ask, “how much is this going to hurt” (mostly men…cough cough) the honest answer is- typically no more than it did to get it tattooed on. The most common answer we hear is that it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. During the procedure we also use a cooling system that helps to numb the treatment area while the laser is on. This helps to bring a little more relief to a client. If you want to be completely numb there is an option for that as well. Numbing agents such as Lidocaine can be injected into the tattooed area.

After the laser treatment, it is common to see some blistering or redness. This will not last very long but keeping the area moisturized and out of the sun will help the process. We have our clients wait 8 weeks inbetween treatments, this will give the proper amount of time for all the layers of the skin to heal. There has been more research to prove this expedites the removal process.

All-in-all tattoo removal has become a lot less invasive then past horror stories you’ve heard about. Everyone at Ink On Ink Off wants to make this as easy and painless as possible for you. We are just a phone call away!

Below is a treatment being performed at Ink On Ink Off: