Jagua Body Art

Jagua Body Art

Jagua is the new Henna!!

You may have heard of OR had a Henna tattoo before well, Jagua is very similar to the Henna style of body art but instead of turning brown Jagua turns a dark blue or black. Jagua is a fruit that grows naturally and widespread throughout the rainforests of South America. In many countries we have adapted this into a form of art. If applied to the skin it will leave a stain creating an all-natural temporary blue/black tattoo. Jagua takes about 48 hours to stain and can stay on the skin for up for around 1-2 weeks. When first applied the Jagua will come out as a thick paste. This needs to remain on the skin to set for about 3-6 hours before washing off with warm soap and water. The Jagua will be very faint at first but don’t worry after 24 hours the blue will darken into a dark navy blue almost black color within 48 hours. another difference between Henna and Jagua is there is no aftercare needed. The Jaguar will do its thing all on its own! This is a great idea for someone contemplating a tattoo or isn’t ready to commit to a real tattoo and like to have fun with different designs and placements for just a small amount of time!

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