Intuitive Art Tattoos are a cool new method of mixing art, spirituality and tattooing that is 100% customized to you and your story.

What is it? Our Intuitive Reader will perform a “Clairvoyant” reading for you simply by using your (First/Middle/Last – Names). The reader receives information that pertains to your soul level path in this life. Stick with us here, the information received comes from “Guides/Angles” attached to you and is meant to assist you in connecting to your highest truth.

How does that make art? The cool part is that most of the story comes through symbolically which ends up creating powerful symbolic imagery to have created into a tattoo that is empowering and affirming to the wearer. Going back to ancient times symbols were used in many different ways to give the necessary energy to an object to imbue it with “magical” powers. Everything from Alchemy, War Paint, Gollum’s, and Hieroglyphics used symbolic art applied to a different materials to cultivate the needed energy.

Is this real? Yes! The purpose of being read is to receive affirming messages regarding your current life journey. We suggest that if you are being read you ask for something affirming to come through in your reading to give you that extra boost of confidence. This is a 2 step process. First the reader will perform a reading that is specific to you, then the reader will submit a recording of that reading to you. This recording should resonate with you on a very deep level. You should feel as if you had known the messages that came through before they were spoken out loud. This coincidence is considered a “soul level knowing”. With the recording you will also receive a drawing of the symbolic imagery that had been gifted to you. If everything feels connected you will then contract the tattoo artist to place the art on your body.

Intuitive Readings $45
Tattoo art $ (upon consultation)

Check out some intuitive art put on canvases! (you can also use the direct Youtube links so it doesn’t go to my site)


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