Get Ahead of the Curve 2016 Tattoo Trends

Two side by side arm tattoos in color

Get Ahead of the Curve 2016 Tattoo Trends

The last decade or so tattooing has really become a creative expression and form of identity for many people around the world. From tiny symbol tattoos to full back pieces we are embracing the permanent art. Tattooers have really pushed the boundaries and 2016 will be no different. No doubt realism tattoos will continue to blow our minds but here are a few others to watch out for this year.

1. Tiny Microscopic Tattoos- Exposed or hidden all over the body


2. Single Line tattoos- Images composed of one single line

3. Double Exposure tattoos- Primarily in black and grey creating two images in one

4. Cubism Tattoos- Trend inspired by Pablo Picasso

5. Geometric Tattoos- If you have been on any social media you have probably seen these tattoos, most popular being the mandala
6. Hyper- Vibrant Tattoos- While black and grey is still dominating, these brightly colored tattoos are really starting to make a statement
7. Cityscape tattoos- How many of you Clevenders are reppin our cityscape?

8. Optical Illusion- These will really play with your eyes. Probably the most popular style going into 2016

9. Water color- Made a big splash in 2015 and will continue into 2016

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