Dissappearing Tattoos

Dissappearing Tattoos

Lately we have had many inquires on whether disappearing ink (or tattoo lasting only a few years) is a real thing? Do we offer this service? Is it safe?

The honest answer is we don’t know. This is not something Ink On Ink Off currently offers nor are we sure this is a legit service. There has been much speculation on a tattoo like this and we are sure there are some companies out there trying to prefect a tattoo ink that can do such a thing. But as of right now we don’t know where you can find this service.

The idea seems like a cool idea for some people who like tattoos but can’t commit to an image forever. Also, it eliminates the potential of paying a ton of money for tattoo removal. Tattoos have become so main stream now that we can see the desire of switching up tattoos like clothing. However, it does seem to take away from what makes a tattoo so special. The pain, time and commit that goes into a tattoo means something too. So if we are painting on semi-permanent tattoos is it going to take away from what makes permanent tattoo appealing?

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