Cosmetic Tattooing at the IOIO Studio

Before and after side by side of an eyeliner procedure on a woman

Cosmetic Tattooing at the IOIO Studio

Imagine having make-up that wears so well, you never have to touch it up. Ink On Ink Off is excited to announce Cosmetic & Medical tattooing starting in March 2016.

Joining IOIO is Master technician, Carol Parks. She has been in the Permanent Cosmetic field for almost 28 years. Her work with Cancer survivors, has helped many regain their self esteem and joy, after having lost all or most of their hair to Chemotherapy. Carol claims that this work has proven to be the most fulfilling thing she has ever done.

Reasons to consider permanent/ cosmetic makeup:

Convenience – you’d like to save time
◦Active, outdoor lifestyles
◦Visual impairment or contact lenses
◦Arthritis or tremors of the hands
◦Asymmetrical features
◦Thinning or light eyebrows
◦Allergies to conventional makeup
◦Absent or thin hair due to alopecia, chemotherapy, burns or accidents

You can literally save 15 to 30 minutes every morning with permanent make-up, and best of all, it looks better than conventional make-up, all day, everyday. Permanent make-up is not only lasting, but far more intricate and perfect than daily application.

Is It Really Permanent?

Yes, it is. Immediately following a procedure, the color will appear darker than the final result. Permanent makeup will fade over time and you may require a touch up every 1-5 years. Frequency of touch up depends on factors such as sun exposure, lifestyle, and if chemical peels come into contact with treated areas. A follow-up appointment is included 4 weeks after the initial procedure, as new procedures require 2 visits. View pre-care and aftercare for more information about the permanent makeup procedure or view frequently asked questions.

Schedule your consultation with us to see if cosmetic or medical tattooing is right for you!